Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 6

Week 6 was an image of Candy! Despite what people may think Im not really a big candy eater. (Though when I do I binge an little) So the idea of shooting candy didnt inspire me as much as the idea of a headshot or a portrait but thats wht Im doing the Dogwood challenge, to push me to take photos I wouldnt notmally take.

Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 5

With a busy week working as a photographer I found myself with little or no time to venture out to get my week 5 photo for the Dogwood 52 Challenge, week 5 being a Black and White Landscape.

Even when I dedicated an hour or two of my schedule to venturing out to get a shot the stormy weather would get in the way with trees calling and debris needing to be cleared and fie wood salvaged. Sure enough when I did have a moment free the day had become night or work would pop up and working always takes priority over personal projects. So Sunday came and went leaving me wanting for my black and white landscape however, I refused to give up. I took on this project to inspire me and remind me that there was more than just work to photography. So Monday afternoon I left for work (teaching studio photography for the Dublin Photography School) early and as I headed down the motor way I started to cross off the various locations I had in mind for this photo.

Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 4

After the first three weeks of shooting a selfie, a landscape and the colour red, the Dogwood Challenge called for a headshot of someone else. I’ll admit that portraiture is a personal favourite for me as I like to try and capture the essence of the model while getting creative with lighting and post production.