Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 6

Another week and other Dogwood 52 week photography challenge image. Week 6 was an image of Candy! Despite what people may think Im not really a big candy eater. (Though when I do I binge an little) So the idea of shooting candy didnt inspire me as much as the idea of a headshot or a portrait but thats wht Im doing the Dogwood challenge, to push me to take photos I wouldnt normally take.


So what to do ? Well I didnt want to take a standard macro image of a candy bar or box of sweets so I started to think how I would make this a little more fun for myself. First image that came to mind was someone singing in some jellybeans but alas my test images left me feeling that I wasnt trying hard enough so I went back to the drawing board. Time grew short and I decided I was just gonna give in and do a macro shot of a candy bar as work was creaping up and I wouldnt have time otherwise to shoot this image. 20160207_Candy_0004.jpg

So I drove to the local petrol station where I found (mush to my amusement) a lollypop dipper that was shaped like a toilet. GAME ON! Inspiration struck. I bought up some chocolate bars, millions and well… the toilet sweet (that sounds nasty) and returned to my studio where I then decided I wasnted to use natural light to shoot the scene. Setting out the sweets and chocolate into a scene, I grabbed my (now my nephews) smurf and popped him into the middle of the scene. Using the bars as the backdrop and everything else in the foreground.

Setting the camera up on a tripod I attached a macro tube onto my 25-105 and shot the image 6.3 0.6 160 using a piece of white card to fill the shadows.


I admit that this was a bit of a rushed shot, shop – shoot – blog in about an hour but hey! This image contains my sense of humour and its an image thats different than I expect to see from most of the other candy photos for week 6

Roll on the week 7 image (hopefully this storm dies long enough for me to shoot something!

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