Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 8

Ok before I start I must admit that I made a litttttttle mistake last week. I may have shot week 8’s Landscape: Wide Angle/Panorama landscape photo as week 7…opps! Meaning that week 7’s faceless portrait was never shot and this was pointed out to me so for week 8 I shot week 7’s faceless portrait! Everybody wins!

So this week (ahem) is a faceless portrait and over the weekend I was lucky enough to shoot some Roller Derby Portraits for the amazing crew over at Dublin Roller Derby

When the dust had settled and the studio returned to an empty space I started looking at the photos of the guys and gals from the days shoot and dug out my faceless portrait. A shot of a pivot putting on a Jammer Panty as they would in a bout.

I first started shooting Roller Derby about two years ago as a hobby and even a challenge, (After being introduced by a friend called DANGER… god you gotta love Derby names) to teach myself how to shoot a fast moving sport in a low light environment and still get good results. After my first bout I was hooked. The speed and skill of these athletes is something to behold and when they fall they fall hard but they get up and get on with it putting some sports to shame. If you want to learn more about roller derby head over to the DRD Website,  Facebook or Twitter.

There really is something about the sportman/woman ship and comradely in roller derby that is addictive and infections, if you don’t know derby please take 5 minutes to google or youtube some derby

Ok so back to the shot! Ok this portrait was straight forward enough, Shot with A parabolic reflector as a key light metered to 4.5 with two gridded kickers to rear either side of the Piviot at  45 degree angles metered two stops below the key light.

The final image was shot at 5 100 1/125


I didnt take any behind the scenes of this shoot but I believe there are some floating around and I’ll add them here if I find them

And here they are !

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