Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 9

One of the things about being a full time photographer is always making time for personal projects but then there are times when work becomes a priority and personal projects are placed to one side until your in a better place to continue with them. As you can guess since week 8 was shot things around SMP HQ got a little crazy and I didn’t have a chance to shoot anything for my week 9, 10 and now up to 11.  The most unforgivable part though is when all your ideas for shooting become too detailed so you need to scale them back to make accommodations for time lost only to lose a creative spark leaving you to sit down watching Daredevil and other such things trying to figure out what you are going to shoot next, something original, not just to rely on the get out of jail go to things to shoot.

So finally I’ve gotten round to shooting week 9, Shadows, and I’ll admit its not what I had in mind and not nearly as detailed as I had intended but Studio Cat here seems to think its on so long as I don’t move from my chair.


So what did I shoot?

Well I got an ornament cat with a flower in its back and an elephant and popped them onto a table and fired a flash at them and shot their shadow as it fell on a white backdrop.


Then in post I added some color and clouds.

The shot was taken at 1/5 sec;   f/4.0;   ISO 160.

This week is all about catch up so watch this space for some new project 52 images in the coming days


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