Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 10

Still playing a little bit of catch up on my project 52 for the Dogwood 52 Challenge, now on week 10 an Environmental /  Location Portrait. This is where I can mix a little bit of work with leisure being able to snap my location portrait at work!

Well one of them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 15.53.31

As a photographer you tend to take on a number of different roles and jobs at once to pay for that champagne lifestyle everyone presumes we live due to our ‘fancy’ cameras and equipment. One of my job titles is that of course tutor at the Dublin Photography School and whiles its a job I wouldn’t call it work, I love what I do and being paid to talk about and demonstrate photography skills and techniques is something that always fills me with joy even when I don’t feel happy or feel like ‘working’ 30 seconds into any class and the Sean Moore Photographer quickly erupts to the top.

(Anyone who’s either done a shoot or been tutored by me knows what that means)

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 15.50.47

I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for anything, working as a self employed photographer and tutor makes getting out of bed in the morning something I look forward to.

So last night I started another 5 week course where I teach the basics of Studio Photography and before the class started I set up my shot for week 10.

The shot was a self-portrait with my desk area prepped and myself running around to put myself into frame with the cameras timer in control.

The shot was taken by pre focusing the camera on the area where I was to stand and putting the lens onto Manual. I wanted to keep the shot simple so the camera was set up on a tripod set to 1/8 sec;   f/4.5;   ISO 400. I had a Youngnuo 560 on a light stand firing into a reflective umbrella off camera positioned camera left set to 1/4 power.

Dogwood Week 10, Environmental Portrait

Check out that Flock Of Seagulls Haircut !

Why 1/8 of a sec? Well the room was quite dark and I wanted to soak up some of the ambient light and using the flash I was able to freeze myself in frame without causing any blurring of image, It also meant that I was able to capture the image on the projector screen behind me, although after much deliberation I decided to use an image where I was actually standing in the way of the projection as I felt it was taking from the image by being a distraction.

So there you have it week 10 and I’m still playing catch up, next week 11 a landscape! And you know how I feel about them.

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