Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 12

Again  playing a little bit of catch up on my project 52 for the Dogwood 52 Challenge, now on week 12, Artistic: Transportation, our world is one defined by how we get around. Literal or interpretative, find inspiration in transportation.

Dogwood Week 12

1/125 sec;   f/2.8;   ISO 10000

So I started to think about transportation in my life and I started to think about how it has changed over the years for me, from been brought around the shops in the shopping trolley with my mum as a child,

Dogwood Week 12 old bikes

1/50 sec;   f/2.8;   ISO 10000

To growing up and going everywhere on my bike which I have long outgrown but still gathers dust in the shed.

The old trailer that I would sit on with my sisters as a child when loads of potatoes were brought home from a day out in the fields all of which have now seen better days, the bikes and trailers not my sisters !

old trailer, Dogwood Week 12

1/2500 sec;   f/2.8;   ISO 1600

To how I now drive everywhere, no longer depending on my parents, to taxi me to and from my friends.

Dogwood Week 12

1/4000 sec;   f/2.8;   ISO 400

My Dogwood Week 12 is a reminder of how we get around from an early age until retirement, of our transportation and eventually ourselves.

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