Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 6

Week 6 was an image of Candy! Despite what people may think Im not really a big candy eater. (Though when I do I binge an little) So the idea of shooting candy didnt inspire me as much as the idea of a headshot or a portrait but thats wht Im doing the Dogwood challenge, to push me to take photos I wouldnt notmally take.

Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 1

Over the last year and half my photography has taken a front seat and my blogging and personal projects have taken not even a back seat but a reservation in the waiting room; but with a new year comes a new challenge and that challenge isn’t so much to blog more but to start enjoying my photography more; to stop obsessing over commercial headshots, location visits or even weddings but to take some personal time to rediscover what I love so much about photography.