Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 3

Week 3 of the Dogwood 52 Challenge was to do an artistic RedShoot. The first thing that sprung to mind was a glass bottle of ketchup and some tomatoes. the more I thought of it the more the image evolved into something completely different involving a red egg cup. Who knew finding a single red egg cup would be so difficult.So as time grew to an end I was forced to return to my previous idea.

Dogwood 52 Challenge Week 1

Over the last year and half my photography has taken a front seat and my blogging and personal projects have taken not even a back seat but a reservation in the waiting room; but with a new year comes a new challenge and that challenge isn’t so much to blog more but to start enjoying my photography more; to stop obsessing over commercial headshots, location visits or even weddings but to take some personal time to rediscover what I love so much about photography.

The Studio Novice, Shooting Liquids

Most photos of liquids would be back-lit meaning that the liquid is lit up like Broadway. As the neck of the bottle thins the amount of fluid the light travels though lessens meaning that the light is brighter at this point.

For some drinks or liquids this can add to the shot, but what if you don’t want this ?

What if you want the consistency of the liquid to be the same top to bottom?